At Remedy First Aid Training, we are dedicated to promoting health, safety and preparedness, firmly believing that everyone should possess fundamental First Aid skills, as you never know when you may need these life-saving abilities.

Our mission is to equip individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to save lives and make a meaningful impact. We achieve this through high-quality training courses in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. Whether it’s on-site training at your workplace in Melbourne or public courses in Bayside Mordialloc, we’re here to meet your needs.

Our courses are engaging and leave participants feeling empowered and confident in their newfound skills. We offer a variety of course delivery options to cater to diverse learning preferences.

The Remedy First Aid Training team are industry experts with real experience. Nurses or former first responders deliver our training courses. This means that you will have someone with a deep knowledge, first-hand experience, and practical ways of helping you to really understand the material and processes.  Our team are passionate about delivering high quality training that is going beyond just ticking a box for compliance’s sake.

Prioritising safety and compliance, we understand the significance of not leaving safety to chance. We collaborate with you to ensure you meet compliance with First Aid requirements, making your workplace safer for all. Our range of life-saving defibrillators and First Aid kits is designed to meet your specific needs and ensure the well-being of everyone.

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